Meditation Stimulation 2

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This video contains music that was created and produced by me Musicorey which is a federal trademark. All r...
This video contains music that was created and produced by me Musicorey which is a federal trademark. All rights are reserved which indicates everything has been copyrighted 2013 by me; Corey Johnson. Now since I got that out the way. It is time for you to enjoy part two of my Meditation Stimulation series. This video contains a lot of levitating by me. This is a magical series that is full of mystic places and powers. Every episode will get better and better because that's the whole entire idea. If you haven't yet seen part one, you must go see it right away. Stay in touch by staying in tune to my awesome video's its worth every moment of your time. I bet that you will be so very entertained. This video is for all race children and adults both. All and every religion is welcome to my world. You are very welcome to add me on face book because I have a lot of love to give. Thank you father which art in heaven for blessing me with this amazing talent of writing music, creating movie sound tracks, filming, editing, sing and being such a wonderful glorious soul. I have so much love in my life and heart. I'm an angel that has so much enrichment within my souls of spirit. The universe is within me. I'm majestic loving incredible and charismatic. I'm handsome and beautiful from the inside and out. I'm a happy person with so many outstanding capabilities. My favorite season is winter. I'd rather live where it is cold the most. I'm not an alcoholic, I don't do drugs , smoke cigarettes, nor smoke weed. No cocaine no nothing. I have Jesus in my heart. I love wisdom and knowledge. I believe in UFO's. I believe that there are Billion's of planets in the universe with trillions of different people that live on them. There are different types of beings and creatures. They are very advanced than what we are. I know so much and I can tell you so much but it will be too long. maybe I just need to put it up in book form. May God bless you and please comment!! Rate add and subscribe to my channel. Have a wonderful time!!