Subliminal Messages — It’s a Subliminal Reality

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*******buysubliminal**** - Subliminal Messages are the packets of information, energy and matter that make ...
*******buysubliminal**** - Subliminal Messages are the packets of information, energy and matter that make up the world we live in. It's a Subliminal Reality embraces the invisible factors that not only influence our choices and desires, but our very perception and state of being in the world in which we live. In the days of your grandfather a table was a table, news was news and propaganda was simply propaganda. Our grandparents lived in a world of what you see is what you get, a clockwork world defined by Newtonian Physics. All this has changed, we have entered a profound world, that is much more tricky than anyone ever imagined. Mind space is the new real-estate, and corporations are dead set on claiming the space of your mind. We now know that belief sculptures what we refer to as reality, and your beliefs are chiseled by 3000 commercial impressions a day! Do you think that your thoughts are your own, or are your thoughts conditioned by your environment? Here's the Poem: Is it fact or is it fiction Or a serious addiction Am I reading through the lines Can I pick up on the signs Is this true reality, is it really as it seems Let me pinch myself to see that it's not all in my dreams Could this be manipulation, is it all just an illusion What is real and what is fake, this is causing much confusion. Whilst the media will trick you and the headlines suck you in Don't let them take your mind and never let them win So the power of persuasion and the ways that we engage Are the methods someone's written in the middle of the page So take charge of who you are and live your own existence If you let them take control it will be at your expense. Let the Subliminal Blog can come to your defense.