Black Racist Cop In Columbus Georgia (Dash Cam Video and Audio)

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According to reports obtained under Georgia's Open Records Act, officer Jeff Foxx, who is black, made these...
According to reports obtained under Georgia's Open Records Act, officer Jeff Foxx, who is black, made these comments while on patrol on University Avenue. Foxx was having a personal cellphone conversation as he initiated a traffic stop during the lunch hour on March 5, 2007. His remarks were recorded by the dashboard camera. The recording system was activated by the blue light and picked up everything said in Foxx's vehicle starting 60 seconds prior to turning on the light, police officials confirmed. Foxx was given a one-day suspension!!!! A review of Foxx's personnel file shows multiple suspensions for multiple reasons dating back to 2002. The offenses include: • He was suspended one day in March 2002 for backing his city car into a pole at Fort Middle School. • He was suspended two days in March 2002 for taking his city vehicle to an adult cinema on Victory Drive while he was off duty. • In September 2002, he was suspended for one day for failure to attend a Recorder's Court hearing. • In January 2003, he received a written reprimand for violating the sick-leave policy. He took time off for his father's triple-bypass surgery but was found working part-time at a Columbus restaurant. • In February 2003, he was suspended one day for failure to follow policy in the search of a person he arrested. The prisoner was taken into the jail with a pocketknife in the shirt. • In May 2007, Foxx was suspended one day for failure to report to work. • In September 2009, he was suspended, then terminated for being untruthful in the investigation of an officer who reportedly choked a suspect in a controlled entryway of the Muscogee County jail. Foxx appealed the decision to the Personnel Review Board, which gave him his job back. • In March 2012, he was suspended one day for dereliction of duty. He responded to a domestic call and failed to fill out a report or make an arrest. He was finally fired 6 years AFTER this racial profiling incident. He was fired because he told the Marshall (who is black) that the Police Chief (who is white) made racial slurs when speaking of the Marshall. It was a lie, and he resigned following an investigation. He should have been fired following the racist views he held when this video was seen the first time in 2007.