How to Be A Smart SOB Like Me By Larry Landgraf

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There are now seven billion people on this planet. Many of these people have trouble with work, managing t...
There are now seven billion people on this planet. Many of these people have trouble with work, managing their finances, or planning their futures. Some are in a rut, while others simply are not happy. These problems lead to more problems —frustration, stress, poor decisions, overeating, drinking, and worse. There is help for these people, but they must be willing to take charge of their lives and seek out the help they need. Life can be fun, rewarding, and a lot less stressful than you think. I am taking this help to these people with my book. All they need to do is make one simple decision —buy this book. Are you one of these people? Will you make the decision to buy and read this book? I am always happy. I am seldom in a bad mood. I am strong, self-sufficient in many ways, and a survivor. I am happy because I want to be happy, and know how to be happy. How did I get to this point? Basically, I do what I need to do to be happy. This book will first help you determine whether or not you really need this book. If you picked up this book, the answer is likely yes. Your subconscious was saying you need help, and told you to pick up this book. You will soon know if your subconscious was right. The first few chapters will give you some basic information you and everyone else should know, and should have learned earlier in your lives. Then I will spend several chapters on my early years at the ranch. I will show you how I grew up to be tough and strong and self-sufficient. Then, I will go through my high school and college years, and tell you as much about my life that is reasonably important, to try to inspire you to do better, to work harder, and to make a decent life for yourself. It does not matter where you start, or what condition your life is currently in. What matters is that you get started now. I started over again from scratch when I was forty-two years old. It is not too late for you. Several chapters dealing with things you should have learned in school may get a little boring, though I hope not. One of my goals was to keep this book light and humorous. I did not want it to be a textbook. Anyone can learn from a textbook, but they are so boring. I do not think this book will be boring for you. I have covered chemistry, math, and biology, but have also covered many things you will not find in textbooks. It is not a cookbook either, though I will attempt to help make you a better cook. It is a self-help book, and that is all it is. It is a guide to help you with your life, by learning a few things that helped me with my life. This is why I have tried to tell you everything important I can remember in my life, with the only goal being to help you. Chapters 16 and 17 cover the years after I got out of college and began my commercial fishing career in 1971. There is much which cannot be explained, because the entire process is very complicated and cannot be explained accurately and efficiently without a lot of photos, which I do not have. If I were to try to go deeper into the subject, it would most likely begin to resemble a textbook, which I said I did not want this book to become. The book, I hope, is mostly entertaining, with just the right measure of knowledge to help you understand what I was doing, and to get you on your way to a better life. Chapters 21-24 cover my travels. Learning can be much fun when you are traveling. I traveled a lot and learned a lot. I think anyone can fall in love with the beauty of Iceland. I actually liked the Ukraine more, though it was not as clean a country. There is much more to having fun than just going somewhere. Purpose and a beautiful woman or man can greatly add to your fun. A woman in my case. Starting at chapter 25, much of the remainder of the book will give you some of my views and solutions to many of the problems which exist in the US and the world today. These problems directly affect you. You may not like my solutions, and that is your right, but many will agree with me. Are you one of them? I have tried to be rational with my solutions, but many will disagree with this too. The fact is, there are too many people on this planet and we are choking the life out of our planet. Are we going to do something about the problem, or will we kill this world? It would be mighty stupid to destroy all life on this planet, don’t you think? Chapter 31 on surviving may be something you might want to pay particular attention to. I will survive; will you? Chapter 32 is very important to me. I want to do more than just survive. Life has to be fun and without fun, we all may as well be dead. I want to have fun; how about you? This chapter I hope will get you onto a path which will allow you to do more than just survive. We never know what is going to happen tomorrow. People are too dependent upon other people for their survival. Many of these people are not all that smart, but your life depends upon them. How smart is that? Can Chapter 32 help you? I think so. This book is a self-help book, and as such, will do nothing for you unless you are willing to help yourself. I am giving you some of the most important information you will find anywhere, to help you find a better life for yourself, cope with the challenges life will throw at you, and make you smarter about how you live your life. This book will help you be a better, happier you. If you like what I have written so far in this book description, you will like my book with the added benefits of humor and sarcasm. Make the choice. Read this book. This is all I will tell you now. You have to read my book to learn more. Do it! To learn more or order the book: *******bookstore.xlibris****/Products/SKU-0109144049/How-To-Be-A-Smart-SOB-Like-Me.aspx