Melanie Reads The Poem "Verse" By David Hart

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''Verse'' by Mr. David Hart Be not harried by apostasy spates Surcease ye flux of basilic imprecations Adh...
''Verse'' by Mr. David Hart Be not harried by apostasy spates Surcease ye flux of basilic imprecations Adhibit ye ,supernal paracletes The pith of divinity An Achates, Vae victis In this temporal realm Chatoyant fanfaronade Sursurrant congeries Erelong abate Shun the gaffer's gammon Arcadian maundering Avaunt kaleidoscopic zealotry Bandy a cutlass perfervid Ex aequo et bono Beneficence's glaive bandies. Preside atheling echt In pharos of Nestor Bestow succor to the augean Boeothians! Malign them not--for now come the celestial shower To halidom, shepard, solace and anele Ye benighted churls vocabulary- spate-flood; arcadian-rural/simple; echt-adj.-genuine; Nestor-the god of wisdom; Achaetes-any faithful friend; chatoyant-possessing a changeable luster; rein-v.-to curb or restrain; amative-amatory; anele-v.- to annoint; harry-to torment by constant attack; perfervid-ardent/very fervid; ex aequo et bono-L.-according to the principle of fairness and good; bandy-to beat to and fro; vae victic-L.-woe to the vanquished; gammon-nonsense; gaffer- an old crone; flux-flow; fanfaronade--n.-bragging/ostentation/bluster; congeries-heap; susurrant-adj-whispering; basilic-lowly/base; pith-vigor/force/strength; supernal-celestial; imprecations-curses; halidom-a holy place/holiness; Pallas Athena-Gr.goddess of wisdom; quotha-arch.-indeed! Forsooth!; paracletes-someone who aids and supports; glaive-sword; pharos-lighthouse; atheling-ancient crown prince; adhibit-to let in/admit; benighted-adj-overtaken by darkness; bestead-to aid; anele-to annoint; contemn-v.-to view with contempt; solace-n. comfort in sorrow