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Full-quality available here: *******www.archive****/details/Beautiful--Creed Click HTTP on the left, then d...
Full-quality available here: *******www.archive****/details/Beautiful--Creed Click HTTP on the left, then download Beautiful.dv "Beautiful is empty . . . Beautiful is free . . . Beautiful loves no one." A Sims 2 Machima vid for Creed's song "Beautiful" and cautionary lesson for anyone too hasty to judge a book by its cover. Beautiful may just destroy you. . . But vengeance is sweet. If you have trouble following the story, please read below: The story does not really follow chronological order. As the film opens, Michael is reminiscing sadly in a living room. His memory flashes back to when he and his brother, Steven meet "Beautiful" in a bar. Both young men are instantly enchanted with her. Their dueling obsessions with the woman cause a rift between them, and when Michael eventually proposes to Beautiful, Steven is furious. "Lust she breeds in the eyes of brothers . . ." Michael and Beautiful proceed with the wedding, and Beautiful is stupefied by Michael's family's obvious wealth when she sees the house he lives in. A few weeks after the wedding, Michael begins to realize that he has not entered into a happy relationship. Beautiful is often cruel and she starts fights often. She frequently goes out late at night, leaving him behind. "In your mind, she's your companion . . ." The viewer learns that Beautiful had been having a torrid affair with Steven. Michael had suspected this, and when he walks in on the two together, he is furious and hurt. He marches outside to weep, and Beautiful follows. He insists that she leave immediately, but Beautiful is cold and calculating. She will not give up her mansion so easily. Back in the future, the viewer sees mysterious scars and bloody wounds on Michael's face. Steven is now living with Beautiful in Michael's house. Michael's memory finally jumps back to when he attempted to break up his relationship with Beautiful. Unable to stomach being turned down, Beautiful instead opted to shove her husband into the path of an oncoming van. He was struck down and killed. Beautiful laughs sadistically. His ghost appears on the scene, surprised and confused. The man the viewer has seen reminiscing in the future is, in fact, Michael's ghost. "She told me where I'm going, and it's far away from home . . . [hell]" Beautiful has now shown she has no qualms with excessive violence, and she does not plan on sharing the rest of her life with Steven and splitting the tremendous riches. She has no real feelings for anyone. She picks up a pistol and murders the other brother as well. His ghost appears, and Michael forgives him. They plot their revenge. The rest is pretty straightforward . . . Beautiful is not killed, but she is destroyed in the best way the brothers know how. They incinerate her riches and crush her beauty. After a victory dance, the two move on. Beautiful is stripped.