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Hey everyone! I'm ----Ginny Jones your host for playingpoliticstv****, your online video guide to everythin...
Hey everyone! I'm ----Ginny Jones your host for playingpoliticstv****, your online video guide to everything political. On this edition of playing politics I will be discussing presidential candidate John McCain. Arizona Senator John McCain is one of the candidates for the Republican nomination in this year’s presidential election. He began his career as a naval aviator and was elected to the senate in 1986 where he served until now. Upon entering the Senate in 1987, McCain became a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, with whom he had formerly done his Navy liaison work; he also joined the Commerce Committee and the Indian Affairs Committee. He has often supported the Native American agenda, advocating self-governance and sovereignty, supporting Native American gambling enterprises and tribe control of adoptions. McCain was a candidate for the Republican nomination in the 2000 presidential election, but was defeated by George W. Bush after closely contested battles in several early primary states. While generally adhering to conservative policy, McCain established a reputation as a political maverick for his willingness to defy Republican orthodoxy on several issues. McCain announced he was seeking the 2008 Presidential nomination from the Republican Party in February of 2007 on the Late Show With David Letterman and officially started his 2008 presidential campaign in April 2007. Should McCain win in 2008, he will be the oldest person to assume the Presidency in history being 72 years old, Ronald Reagan, who was 69 years old at his inauguration Thanks for watching playing politicstv****, I’m Ginny Jones reminding you to get out and vote.