Aero-TV Profiles The Cirrus Design SRS (Part Two)

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Some Intriguing Details Prove That CD's LSA Is More Than A "SkyCatcher-Catcher" (Part 2 of 3) With ...
Some Intriguing Details Prove That CD's LSA Is More Than A "SkyCatcher-Catcher" (Part 2 of 3) With all the attention (good and bad) being paid to the aggressive position taken by Cessna in bringing an LSA to market, it seemed that it was time to catch up with Cirrus Design's LSA program... we started Part One with an overview of the original announcement at Oshkosh 2007 and are pleased to update you with the latest info as of the 2008 Sebring Sport Aviation Expo (in this episode, Part Two -- and the next, Part Three), recently concluded in central Florida. The Cirrus Design SRS is based on the European Fk Polaris, which was lighter, faster, and not in alignment with the FAA's LSA specs - prior to its "Cirrus-ization." Once that process is complete, it will max out the LSA standards -- which will give the CD engineering team the unusual task of slowing down the lightning quick European version. Manufacturer Fk Lightplanes has a 17-year history in light plane manufacturing. With operations in Poland, the Klapmeiers foresee the manufacture of their plane remaining in Poland, with assembly in the US -- a model followed by other vendors of foreign-sourced planes. For the past four years, Cirrus evaluated two-seat planes from European manufacturers -- the center of development for this type of aircraft. "The relationship we have developed with Fk Lightplanes allows us to rapidly offer cost efficient, sporty, entry-level aircraft for sport and recreation enthusiasts and basic training," said Klapmeier. "And our worldwide service and support infrastructure will make the SRS even more appealing." FMI:www.cirrusdesign**** Copyright 2008, Aero-News Network, ALL Rights Reserved.