Tower Heist (2011): The-general-manager

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The clip the-general-manager from Tower Heist (2011) with Michael Peña, Ben Stiller. Powered by: Anyclip. a...
The clip the-general-manager from Tower Heist (2011) with Michael Peña, Ben Stiller. Powered by: Anyclip. any moment from any film. You got a security report for me? Not much, Mr. K. A car alarm, two homeless and a really loud dog. Good morning, Josh. Hey, Rose. How was your weekend? Good. I was here. We steam-cleaned the garage, had some killer take-out from Punjab Palace. You are a wild man. That's me. Mr. K. Hey, Odessa. My work visa's about to expire. You must find me a husband. Okay. Can I have my bagel first? I need a man before these pricks throw me out of the country. All right, and what about Manuel? He's a catch. I tried. He couldn't handle me. Okay. Rose, don't write that down. Morning. Morning, Kwan. We have birthdays in 3714 and 4399. The Jameson twins like the cupcakes from Magnolia, Mr. Causwell likes the hot fudge sundae at Sardi's. And Mrs. Hightower landed three days early from Cairo, be here in an hour. Does Mr. Hightower know? Josh, a word, right now. Yes, sir, Mr. Simon. Where's Charlie? I got an empty concierge desk. I think he's checking on Mrs. Cronan. Now that's bullshit! Mrs. Cronan is at physical therapy. He has got three minutes. ...can only be convicted if the prosecution proves all the... Miss lovenko. Holy shit! What? We do this thing, you and I, where you pretend not to study for the bar exam and I pretend not to notice. I'm sorry, I don't know what you're talking about, sir. See, we're doing it. Doing what? Right now, we're doing the thing, where you pretend not... No. I know the exam is coming up this week, so study in my office during your lunch break, okay? Because I never use it. Okay, but I'm not studying, so it would not make much sense. Wait. Shh! Hear that? Someone is buzzing. Hey, shush! Everybody, shush! Who's buzzing? I hear it. It's faint, it's muffled, but I hear it. Fess up! Who's buzzing? Come on! Who the hell is buzzing? It's me, my bad. I had it on vibrate. Josh, this is Enrique Dev'Reaux.