Tower Heist (2011): Josh-smashes-the-ferrari

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The clip josh-smashes-the-ferrari from Tower Heist (2011) with Ben Stiller, Alan Alda. Powered by: Anyclip....
The clip josh-smashes-the-ferrari from Tower Heist (2011) with Ben Stiller, Alan Alda. Powered by: Anyclip. any moment from any film. Good morning, Josh, Charlie, Enrique. How are you doing? How was your Labor Day party this year, Mr. Shaw? Must have been something, huh? What did you serve? Crab legs? Surf and turf? I've always tried to extend you a certain courtesy, but this tone you're using... What tone? Who gives a shit about my tone? What are you, some kind of tone master? Josh, come on. I'm going to ask you one time, okay? So you better think really hard. Why did you take Lester's money? He came to me, he asked me to invest and I did. It was a favor. Mm-hmm. $73,000? A favor? Everything he had. Did Lester ask you to come up here? Mr. Shaw, a few hours ago, Lester stepped in front of a subway train. Oh, Jesus. Here we go. What are you doing? Josh, you need to listen to me. The FBI is lying to you. Josh, put down the club. Christ's sake, don't do anything you can't undo. Investing money is a gamble. It doesn't always pay off. Mr. Shaw, do you care? Josh, come on. No, really. Do you feel any responsibility for what happened to Lester? Of course I feel badly. I had no idea he was going to lose everything. Lester has been a part of my life for over a decade. Then why haven't you asked me whether he's alive or dead? Josh, this car is irreplaceable! Not like doormen! They make new ones of those all the time. Must be 50 new doormen coming off the line in Michigan right now! God damn it! Stop it! Want some Brie with your burger? Here you go. Josh, don't! Shh! Want me to come work for you, huh? Want to steal me away to Saint Bart's? Come on, let's go! I'm ready to rock! Mr. Kovaks, let me have a swing at that shit! No! Nobody touches this car but me. You think Steve McQueen is the coolest cat that ever lived? Guess what? Today, Steve McQueen is my little bitch.