Tower Heist (2011): Were-not-robbers

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The clip were-not-robbers from Tower Heist (2011) with Matthew Broderick, Casey Affleck. Powered by: Anycli...
The clip were-not-robbers from Tower Heist (2011) with Matthew Broderick, Casey Affleck. Powered by: Anyclip. any moment from any film. So you're saying you wanna rob $20 million from Arthur Shaw. Which you think he's hidden in a secret wall safe inside his penthouse apartment. An apartment which he's not allowed to leave and is guarded by three FBI agents, 24 hours a day. Two. And you wanna do all of this in a building with the most advanced security and surveillance system in the world. A building which we've all been barred from ever entering again? Yes. How do you guys feel about that? Well, I've really enjoyed myself. Thanks for the crackers. Mr. Fitzhugh, I know the money is in that safe. How do you know? Because in 2003, Shaw remodeled. He spent like 10 million to blow out the kitchen, move the living room. He even brought in some guy from China to do a whole feng shui thing. But he left one wall standing, dead center in the middle of the apartment. That's where he put the safe. Maybe it's a load-bearing wall. No. No, it isn't. We have the same wall in my place. We took it down when we first moved in. The FBI can't find the money, because he hid it in the wall. I know it! So you guys in or out? Mr. Fitzhugh? Come back to me. Mr. Dev'Reaux? You know how many weeks I'd have to work at the BK to make 20 million? 18,600. Charlie, come on. Look at us. We're basically waiters. That's what we do. We bring people stuff. We don't take things. You and I know the movements of every person. We know the schedules, deliveries and codes for every door and window. We've been casing the place for over a decade, we just didn't know it. We didn't know it, because we weren't doing it. But we were. No. Okay, where do the Lippmans keep their passports? In the freezer. Mmm-hmm. How many in vitro fertilizations did Miss Hansen have before she gave birth to Jonah? Six. See? We know everything! What's the pass code for Mr. Shaw's elevator? I just press the PH button. Come on, man. I need you. Yeah, you need me, because you've got these idiots. You think we're getting our money back? You think Lester is getting his money? I talked to the FBI. It's gone! So all this is about getting it back for Lester? Yes! And Rose and Miss lovenko and Manuel and you, you jerk!