Tower Heist (2011): Whyd-you-bail-me-out

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The clip whyd-you-bail-me-out from Tower Heist (2011) with Eddie Murphy, Ben Stiller. Powered by: Anyclip. ...
The clip whyd-you-bail-me-out from Tower Heist (2011) with Eddie Murphy, Ben Stiller. Powered by: Anyclip. any moment from any film. I haven't driven my Nova for a few months. Did you know that in Spanish "No va" means "It doesn't go"? That's why they didn't sell many in Latin America. I didn't realize Rikers was on an actual island. I thought it was more of a... I don't know, like a... You know, like the way Puget Sound is actually an inlet. But they... You hungry? Can I buy you some lunch? Slide, what are you doing? Tell me why you bailed me out! Take your foot off the gas! Answer the goddamn question first! Slide! Red light! All right, what's going on? You wearing a wire or something? Some kind of police undercover shit? No, I'm not a cop! Then you brought me out here for some kind of freak shit, huh? You want to stimulate my nut sack. Is that what it is, punk? No! Jesus! Then what the hell we doing out here, man? I don't even know your name. I'm Josh Kovaks. Man in the suit. We talk almost every morning. How come you bailed me out, man? I need help with something, and I thought given our relationship you might be willing to help. Relationship? I ain't got no relationship with your ass! Our history! What history? I see you walking by every now and then. I say, "Hey, what's up, little biatch?" Just another passer-by going by. Just another nigger walking by. You don't remember 1971? Mrs. Saltzburg? We used to get dropped off at her apartment every morning for day care. In 1971 I'm six! How am I supposed to remember some shit? Come on, Darnell, Mrs. Saltzburg! Heavy-set German woman, short goatee. Man, you call me Darnell one more time, I will beat you to death. You don't remember Inch High, Private Eye? Davey and Goliath? Remember Witchiepoo? H.R. Pufnstuf. You got freaked out by her? Remember that kid came over and he stole my inhaler and I couldn't breathe? I do remember you! You the little seizure boy that was having them seizures all the time! No, I never had any seizures! They were minor spasms of the throat. And I remember you would start foaming up at the mouth and your eyes would go crooked. It was very scary! There was no foaming. That was you! A lot of people have asthma when they're kids. It's not a big deal. I outgrew it. No. Seizure Boy. You'd be on the floor rolling all around. You was having seizures! Asthma doesn't cause seizures, all right?