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Marco Benitez Medical Aesthetics - Astoria, NY Valley Stream, NY United StatesMarco A. Benítez, PA-C, Medic...
Marco Benitez Medical Aesthetics - Astoria, NY Valley Stream, NY United StatesMarco A. Benítez, PA-C, Medical Aesthetics. Our products and services we offer include Botox and Dysport, dermal filler and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP). Come visit us soon and see why they call Marco A. "Benítez" the Facial Rejuvenation Artist. We proudly serve Valley Stream, NY, Astoria, NY and Lynbrook, NY. Botox and Dysport have been chosen by millions of people and their aesthetic providers; as a highly effective wrinkle reducer with visible results, it is the most popular physician-administered aesthetic procedure in the United States according to The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Botox and Dysport are prescription medicines that are injected into muscles and used to improve the look of moderate to severe frown lines between the eyebrows (glabellar lines) in men and women 18 to 65 years of age for a short period of time (temporary). Botox or Dysport can also be used to create a subtle Chemical Brow Lift as well as used to reduce or eliminate: Crows Feet, Forehead lines, Bunny/Wolf Lines on the Nose and Frown Lines in between eyebrows. Marco A. Benítez, PA-C, Medical Aesthetics offers the best Botox cost in Astoria, NY, Queens, NY, Valey Stream, NY, Jackson Heights, NY and Bronx, NY. Dermal Fillers such as Juvederm XC, Restylane-L and Perlane-L add volume and fullness to the skin to correct moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds, such as the lines from your nose to the corners of the mouth (nasolabial folds). Dermal filler can also add fullness and definition to lips in patients over 21 years, providing natural-looking and lasting results with just one treatment. All are a clear gel formulation of hyaluronic acid, specifically formulated to act like your body’s own hyaluronic acid. They are biocompatible with the human body, and eventually broken down naturally. Dermal Fillers such as Juvederm XC, Restylane-L and Perlane-L can be used to enhance or plump up lips as well as correct: Nasolabial Folds, Marionette Lines and Oral Commissure Lines. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) has become very popular in the last few years, as it is one of the most natural of all the facial aesthetic injectable treatments available today. It has been made popular by celebrities, and has been called the Vampire facial and the Blood facial. This treatment involves having one's blood drawn and then separated in a centrifuge after which the liquid component of the blood is further separated revealing the plasma. Plasma is concentrated with platelets, growth factors and other collagen stimulating components. The plasma is then injected throughout the entire face, with a focus on any areas of complaint that you may have. The result is a subtle over refreshed look and reduction or elimination of lines and wrinkles. PRP facials are recommended to be repeated 6 months after the first treatment and then annually. We conveniently injecting at the