Water Meter Manufacturers and Suppliers in UAE

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Types of Water Meters and their uses 1. A water meter are devices that are used to analyze the characteris...
Types of Water Meters and their uses 1. A water meter are devices that are used to analyze the characteristics of water which includes its pH level, salinity, acidity, speed of flow and so on 2. The following are the different kinds of water meters that are designed to observe specific characteristics of water Water velocity or current meters Water pH meters Salinometer Water temperature gauge Water Flow meters 3. Water Velocity or Current Meters Water velocity meters are used to calculate the volume of water When the water passes through the meter, the velocity is calculated which is then used to measure the volume of the water flowing Some of the common types of water velocity meters such as multi-jet meters, turbine meters or compound meters 4. Water pH Meters Water pH meters calculate the acidity or alkalinity of a liquid Water pH meters are used in swimming pools, water supply systems, laboratories, healthcare facilities, breweries and The agriculture industry 5. Salinometer A salinometer is used to measure the salt content in the water 6. Water Temperature Gauge Water temperature gauges are used to detect the temperature of the water It is used in automobiles that have a water cooling system, when the temperature of the water in the system increases beyond a certain limit, it is an indication of possible issues such as a collapsed radiator hose, shortage of water in the system, or a broken fan belt and so on 7. There are four types of water temperature gauges Thermal guage Bi-metallic gauge Moving iron indicator gauge Mechanical water temperature gauge 8. Water Flow Meters A water flow meter is used to monitor the supply of water to residential or commercial facilities Visit yellowpages-uae com to Contact Water Meters Manufacturers and Suppliers in UAE i e at *******www yellowpages-uae com/uae/water-meters