Professional Newsgathering Camera Suppliers in UAE

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Features of Next-Gen Newsgathering Cameras 1. The next-gen multimedia broadcasting and news gathering came...
Features of Next-Gen Newsgathering Cameras 1. The next-gen multimedia broadcasting and news gathering cameras have changed the face of the news industry, with new and improved features that define the new generation of products 2. These cameras offer new and enhanced features like -Improved video stabilization, -4k and HD live streaming, -Cloud-Direct Storage -Improved Sensors & Auto-adjustments, -Improved mobility, -Better low-light video quality, and -Other Additional Features 3. Improved Video Stabilization - With the latest in video stabilization, you can now record and stream videos with superior stabilization, even when on-the-move, running and evading threats at the site of action 4. 4K and HD live streaming - Equipped with speed-boosters and effective media transmission, you can stream HD and 4K ultra HD quality media directly to broadcasting hubs and live television with ease 5. Cloud-Direct Storage - Constantly connected to the internet, these cameras support multiple storage and output options to multiple drives, live-streaming, multi-screen outputs and direct cloud storage 6. Improved Sensors & Auto-adjustments - With improved sensors and auto-control, these cameras are capable of adjusting to any conditions, from caves to deserts, with high definition imagery and exceptional video quality 7. Improved Mobility - These next-gen cameras are not only super-functional but also super-light, with extended battery life for better on-site and action news coverage 8. Better Low-Light Video Quality - Latest advancements in video technology, incorporated in these cameras allow recording and streaming of HD media, with superb low-light performance, under any light conditions 9. Other Additional features - The next-gen cameras support and incorporate many more impressive features like -Wide-Angle HD Autofocus, -Simultaneous recording and streaming, -interval recording, -Low Power-consumption, and -Multiple-format recording Visit oasisppd estore