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Flow Meter Units : m3/hr , LPM, SCFM, Nm3/hr, Sm3/hr ,Am3/hr Any thing and Every Customisation at Manufactu...
Flow Meter Units : m3/hr , LPM, SCFM, Nm3/hr, Sm3/hr ,Am3/hr Any thing and Every Customisation at Manufacturers Level Is Possible Pressure: Argon Flow Meter Can be Measured At Normally 0 to 10 Bar Usually For General Appplications But We Can Manufacture The Customised Flow Meters Upto 25 Bar or 50 Bar For Gas Argon Applications Only. Temperatures : Our General Flow Meters are Manufactured to Make The Flow Measurement Of Argon in Ambient Temperatures But We Manufacture Flow Transmitters Which can Work For High Temperatures Flow Reading : Argon Flow Cane Displayed in 4 or 6 Digit Flow rates But Generally 4 Digit Flow Range Totalisers For Argon Flow Rate Measurement is generally used Totalised Cumulative Flow : Totalised Flow In m3 or Kg or Litres Can be Possible .CC Is Also Possible For Micro Flow Meters Supply Voltage For Argon Flow Meters : The Argon Flow Meter is a Digital Flow Meter So Requires Power Supply. This Flow Meter can be Operated in 24 V DC or 230 V DC And Can be Sepecailly Manufactured In Voltages For 12 V DC ,10 V DC ,5 V DC, Also End Connections: Mass Flow Meters and Mass Flow Controllers Or Say Volumetric Flow meters Or Volumetric Flow Controllers Can Be Equipped With a Variety Of End Connections Such As Can Be Provided with a Vast Range Like The Socket Ends, Flange Ends, Pneumatic Fittings, Quick Connect Fittings Etc . Remote Display Flow Meters : The Flow Meter can be Equipped With a Remote Display Unit To Show The flow Rate or Make The Remote Flow Control Unit Accessible in Control Room Remotely. Generally a 10 Meters Cable Or 20 Meters Cable Can be Equipped With The Flow Meter By Default . A Modbus ,RS232,Rs485 ,Wireless, Bluetooth, Wifi ,Etc Wireless Networks can Be Equipped to Make Flow Readings Remotely Measure and Control Automation : The Argon Flow meters Are Fully Equipped to Be Integrated to The Automation Systems, Can be Fully Equipped For Any Automation PLC or Control Automation Unit . Analog Output And Digital Output is