Type of Cable Trays and Their Applications

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Types of Cable Trays and Their Applications 1. Cable trays are support systems that are used in cable man...
Types of Cable Trays and Their Applications 1. Cable trays are support systems that are used in cable management to support all kinds of cables and wires. 2. These systems are designed to support a range of cables, such as a. Power Distribution Cables, b. Internet and LAN Cables, c. Telephone Lines, d. ELV Power and Control Cables, etc. 3. There are several types of cable trays that are designed for special applications. These types include: Solid Bottom Trays, Single Rail Trays, Channel Trays, Ladder cable trays, Wire Mesh Trays, and Trough Cable Trays. 4. Solid Bottom Trays: These trays are used to conceal and protect sensitive cables and circuits like internet and control cables. These trays are fitted with a solid base and are mainly used in offices. 5. Single Rail Trays: The body of these trays consist of a single rail from which metal arms extend to support cables. These trays are used to support low voltage and power cables to allow maximum cable freedom. 6. Channel Trays: These cable trays are used in settings where conduit is undesirable. These channel trays are ideal to conceal power, network and extension cables, while allowing easy access. 7. Ladder Cable Trays: These trays resemble a ladder and are used in settings that need intermediate to long cable support. This is the most common type of cable trays used today. 8. Ladder trays offer the most ventilation and are ideal for standard use and to support cables that get heated when used. 9. Wire Mesh Trays: These support units are designed to support light cables like fiber optic cables and phone lines. These systems are field adaptable for many low voltage applications. 10. Trough Cable Trays: Trough Trays are fitted with cable supports four inches apart from each other. These trays are used to support cables with medium heat generation. Visit yellowpages-uae com to contact Cable Trays Suppliers in UAE i e at www yellowpages-uae com/uae/cable-trays