Creation, Genesis and the First Week

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Disclaimer: This is a comparison of two ancient documents. The issue here is not whether the stories in eit...
Disclaimer: This is a comparison of two ancient documents. The issue here is not whether the stories in either book or text is true or believable, but whether or not the book of Genesis was actually written from memory by Hebrew scribes who had been exposed to these Sumerian texts. Some believe the stories in the Sumerian texts to be pure "science fiction". If the translations of these ancient texts are accurate, then portions of Genesis 1 & 2 are based on those writings. That in itself is an awesome eye-opening discovery that sheds light on the origin of these biblical texts. Logic dictates that if the Sumerian texts are pure fiction and Genesis 1 is based on those texts, then portions of the biblical ‘Genesis Week' are also fictitious. The Sumerian texts read that some 445,000 years ago, astronauts from another planet came to Earth from the 12th planet in our solar system, called Nibiru. Splashing down in one of Earth's seas near the mouth of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, they waded ashore and established Eridu, meaning "Home in the Faraway." Prior to the beginning of this story, the former king of Nibiru (Alalu) had made the long journey to Earth alone and discovered precious gold in Earth’s waters that could offer salvation to the inhabitants of Nibiru who were suffering from the depletion of their atmosphere and needed gold to somehow seed the planet’s atmosphere and stabilize it. Lord Ea (or Enki), the son of the current king of Nibiru (Anu) and son-in-law to Alalu was sent to Earth with an astronaut mining crew by his father the king to find Alalu and return gold from Earth to Nibiru. As this story begins, Ea at long last finds Alalu and greets him at his marshland Earth encampment upriver from the sea. This is the account of how Eridu on Earth was established, how the count of seven days was begun. For the complete text go to: www.scribd****/doc/248787/Zecharia-Sitchin-The-Lost-Book-of-Enki (Then navigate to pages 54 - 58) For a full view of this side-by-side comparison, go to: *******www.myspace****/KerryBarger and see 'Kerry's Latest Blog Entry'.