Martian Werewolf Clan Renegade - Potion #13 Porno Trancer

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Jakob Lemy Zook - I'm an Amish exorcism musician? Sometimes I like to show up at one of the "Gurrella J...
Jakob Lemy Zook - I'm an Amish exorcism musician? Sometimes I like to show up at one of the "Gurrella Jammer" gigs of the Wiles Bros Clan in the Mysterious Fog. They believe my story. I'm currently on the mind run in the "Experimental Trance Warfare Zone," known as The ETWZ along the Mason Dixon Line region. There is a rumor going around here, that a mysterious "Dr. Green," once seen nearby at the now closed down Harrisburg State Mental Institution and the 7 gates of hell area in Hallam near the old mental hospital is actually Joesef Mengela. The Nazi "Angel of Death." Joesef is still alive and very well and healthy taking youth drugs he developed from death camp experimentations with children. That story is real? The Harrisburg hospital has underground tunnels extending over an area of 31 acres with mysterious frightening looking Large Iron doors with locked bars leading to secret rooms throughout. Medical experiments in mind control are performed in these deep dark Chambers of Horror. Where, far from the world above no one can hear you scream or cry or "laugh your head off." This is where many of the large child Monarch cages were and still are. There is a main tunnel extending to the 7 gates of Hell area which is part of ETW Zone then extending to Aberdeen. They've recently closed down the Harrisburg Institution? They are in the process of closing in most of the tunnels by caving them in and destroying documents and psychotronic torture cells with strapped tables throughout the tunnels. I've infiltrated the tunnel recently and encountered a Third Reich nurse who thought I was a patient and asked, "Did you see anything down here?" If you did I'll have to lock you in. I also posesess the shocking blue "trance potion," sometimes referred to as, "Love potion #13," by the Martian Werewolf Clan. I've become quite a skilled "Trancer." I had taken the antidote before entering the tunnel and what could have been a lethal encounter with Joesef turned into a "non-lethal" incident as the nurse went into the funny and famously known "Burundanga tongue Speak." Burundanga makes you talk and talk and talk, in fact you can't lie when asked a question or stop talking. And, also, you'll obey any suggestion. I told the nurse to go back to the surface and forget she ever saw me just to be sure she would forget. Of course under Shocking Blue she will forget anyway with developing "Retrograde Amnesia." I got back on my small portable electric skateboard and escaped back miles through a hidden tunnel using night goggles an infrared device and with my sound detection meter heading off through dark tunnels and when sensing medical teams and 4th Reichers coming in my direction took off down side tunnels. I have a map of the tunnels I obtained by using my own trancer skills. I made my way to an off escape entry near the main entrance and came out at a hidden location near the 7 Gates Of Hell in a large hidden briar patch location. Caught on tape while driving down a hidden road location, I've decided to reveal information about the experimental psychotronic and drug induced mind control fields. The Psychosis Mind Fields or in new word order speak: "psycho your fucked fields" and the use of the nortorius mind control trance drug "Shocking Blue." Shocking Blue is an extract of the trance nightshade plant from South America known as "Burundanga." Can be blown in your face, blown from a spray can, blown from an airplane over extended area's or blown into buildings or large facilities by tank trucks posing as fuel or delivery vehicals. (A favorite trance tactic of the Martian Werewolf Clan for their illegal underground porn films is to pose as photographers. They come to your house offer to shoot family pictures for free. If you like them you can buy them. You let them in they make weird films to be sold in the underground porn market. With the retrograde amnesia no one remembers anything ever occured.) Experiments are being conducted by the underground government in Mind Control and now along with a centuries old illegal pornography mind trance control family operation known as "The Martian Werewolf Clan," and in operation with underground rogue elements of the miltary at the Aberdeen Proving Grounds along the Mason Dixon border in Maryland. It is called "The Alien Plantlife Project." Mostly though this project is taking place along the Mason Dixon Line region north of the Aberdeen Military Proving Grounds in Lancaster, Pa extending to the Point Pleasant, "Mothman Region," extending to the electronic microwave mind control "Haarp" region in Alaska, with frequency waves pointing back to Lancaster, Pa. An experiment in mind control is taking place in this region, a mind control region known as the ETWZ. An area where the recent Amish school slayings took place. Was the Lancaster milkman Charles Roberts who commited the slayings abducted as a child for 3 months and forced to live in a Monarch Cage? Is it possible..?