Andrea Benetti - L. Di Rico - In Memory Of 9/11 Victims

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ANDREA BENETTI and LANFRANCO DI RICO INTRODUCTION The massacres that occurred in the USA on September 11th...
ANDREA BENETTI and LANFRANCO DI RICO INTRODUCTION The massacres that occurred in the USA on September 11th upset millions of people through broadcasted and printed images all over the world. These images, shown for weeks, emphasized a mood of increasing terror all around our planet. For the first time in human history, a huge catastrophe happened under everybody's eyes. The emotional aspect of this tragedy and its psychological implications are strictly bound to the "spectacular" aspect of those terrorist actions. Everything was shown without the mediation of any journalistic report. While everyone in the world was staring at the first smoking tower, the second tower was pierced by another plane. Everybody realized that it was a complex terrorist attack and not a simple casual accident, as it was thought at first sight. Doing that, the international terrorism officially declared the start of a new world war, a war exclusively fought against unarmed citizens. The image of the burning towers immediately became the icon of a worldwide catastrophe, and the symbol of a new era distinguished by a feeling of anguish and terror. All the images, recorded by media, brighten again that deep-felt memory and, at the same time keep alive the fear for a still impending danger. A distinction among the effects produced by the Medias is required: video shots progressively attenuate their emotional impact, while the first pages of the newspapers, with their giant photos and their macroscopic titles, describe on the paper words emotionally written. They increase, time after time, their historical documental value and, at the same time, they show a general mood and an interpretative analysis of what the world lived during those tremendous days. PRESENTATION The basic aim of our project is to place side by side the commemoration of dead people and a reflection on the power of conditioning that images have on our way of living. As time goes by we also want to reflect on how television images and printed paper have a reversed effect on peoples feelings. Our shared emotions are transfigured in four pictorial works. These works are placed in a contest where they interact with the press and the elaborate television images and are relegated inside a sculptural installation placed in the middle of the expositive hall. The first pages of the international newspapers, reproduced on big panels, become real monuments in the memory of the victims of global terrorism and, they tower over the unceasing flow of the television images. ANDREA BENETTI NEL WEB BENETTI Studio: via Emilia Ponente, 439 Home: via San Felice, 83 Bologna - Italy Home phone: +3951522468 Mobile phone: +393389290128 E-mail: