Are hearing aids always too expensive?

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If you have ever looked into hearing aid options for yourself or a loved one, then you’ve probably wondered...
If you have ever looked into hearing aid options for yourself or a loved one, then you’ve probably wondered why hearing aids are so expensive. It’s a very natural question and a common concern among many individuals who could use the extra hearing power but live on a tighter budget. The top 6 hearing aid manufacturers in the world don’t produce the cost-effective hearing aids, and the fact that most health insurance providers don’t offer coverage doesn’t help too much Hearing aids have a higher cost associated with them for 3 reasons: 1. Research and Development. The microchip technology and advanced research that goes into finding out new methods of usability testing and sound amplification is what makes up research and development. 2. The Audiologist’s time is valuable. Studies find that audiologists spend almost 4 hours with each new hearing aid user. The customization, fitting, and follow up process between a new patient and an audiologist requires individualized attention at the hands of a certified professional. 3. Hearing aids, and hearing aid services are bundled together. This means that the initial cost incurred is stretched to include all of the additional visits required with the hearing professional such as the fitting, casting of the mold if it's an in-the-ear device, and follow-up evaluations bundled together. Transcript: “Hi I’m Dr. Parrish, and this is Fact or Fiction with SayWhat. Today’s topic is: ‘Hearing aids are too expensive’ - fact or fiction? Well, this is a little bit of a tricky one. I like to say Fiction. While it is true that hearing aids aren’t cheap, you can consider them an investment in your quality of life and maintaining relationships of those around you. When you come in and have a conversation with your hearing care professional, part of what they will do is to help to find a solution for you that fits both your lifestyle and your budget.” Visit us at "saywhathearing" dot com