Are 1up & 2up Programs Dying?

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Lets take a look at the so called 1up and 2up programs that have blown onto the scene the last couple of ye...
Lets take a look at the so called 1up and 2up programs that have blown onto the scene the last couple of years and see if they are still a viable option for someone that wants to get involved in the online marketing and generating a substantial income online. The Concept: 1up and 2up programs come in various packages but the basic premise is still the Same. Upon joining the Program whereby you have paid say $997 to become a member you would have access to all of the amenities of the program, things like digital software, e-books, mindset materials sometimes travel vouchers. Here is what defines 1up and 2 up programs: You must pass along your 1st or 2nd sale to whomever you joined with, sometimes referred as "your sponsor". Upon doing this you are now ready or qualified to receive income from whoever you sell the program to say $997 in this case. You do not have to pass up sales ever again. This is where the power of the 1up or 2up comes from as you build you downline you are receiving those 2 ups or 1 ups from those who you bring in. Drawback to these program like Passport to Wealth, EDC Gold, Cruise to Cash is that on Average depending on who you talk to most people are only able to make about 2.3 sales before they give up!! so you can see most people are only able to get in the position to generate income when they throw up there hands in frustration. Here is the other head of the 2 headed monster: since someone joins with you and has passed up their 1 or 2 sales to you there is no benefit for you to help them become successful since they will not be generating income for you. and the same is for your sponsor. What does all this mean? You can be successful with these programs and people are successful with these opportunities. However there are other alternatives to these kind of programs that have a no up strategy and the key to them is that you are motivated to help your downline because there is an override that you receive whenever they make a sale plus you don't pass any thing up!! For more information about this subject please contact me. Stephen K Reynolds is publisher of the LSR Unlimted "Free" newsletter which focuses on assisting others to learn the secrets to online marketing in the ever changing world of the internet! For more information on this e-mail lsrwealthgmail**** 406-542-1723 (800)758-1282 *******www.urticket****