Teen Locks Girlfriend In Home And Beats Her For Hours, Then A Quick-Thinking Move Saves Her Life

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Those who abuse others should be locked away and forgotten. There’s no excuse to take out your anger on som...
Those who abuse others should be locked away and forgotten. There’s no excuse to take out your anger on someone else. Domestic abuse happens more often than we might think. Sadly every year, women are murdered by their batterers. These women might have left their abuser, but they returned to their detriment. Some women are brave enough to break away for good. Kelsie Skillen from Milton, Glasgow was 19 when she was almost killed by her then-boyfriend, 19-year-old James McCourt. Kelsie had no idea how quickly the tables could turn against her. One evening James became so enraged he imprisoned and tortured her for hours. It’s unclear whether James showed previous signs of abuse. Violence doesn’t just come out of the blue. There are little signs to watch out for that victims shouldn’t ignore. Things like being too controlling, demanding to see text messages, telling a woman what to wear, getting jealous when she speaks to another guy, even if he’s just a friend. Calling on the phone all the time to check up on her; telling her to be back in a specific amount of time when she goes out, and freaking out when she’s late. He’ll isolate you from friends and family, just wanting you to be with him. You’re in the most danger when there’s a baby on the way or that’s been born. He’ll become jealous of the child. Abusers are cowards; they’re insecure and they prey on women they believe they can intimidate and influence. These women might be struggling with their own self-esteem issues. Though your heart might be telling you he’s a good guy, listen to your friends and family. They know you best. Something inside you will be alerting you that what’s going on isn’t right. That’s your intuition. Pay attention to it. On this particular evening, James’s rage started in the car on the way back home after a night out. He blamed Kelsie for leaving his jacket behind. He began to rant. Kelsie refused to give him a cigarette. James snapped. “He said it was my fault,” Kelsie later recounted,