Best of Los Angeles Comic-Con 2018 – Cosplayers ComicConLA Interview #3 - Brandon Bowlin Unique Energy Drink – Cosplay – Comic-Con – Anime Expo – WonderCon

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Los Angeles Comic Con wants you to be a part of our fan family for our as we invade our home city in 2019! ...
Los Angeles Comic Con wants you to be a part of our fan family for our as we invade our home city in 2019! This year over 100,000 attendees joined us in our quest to serve up one of the most diverse and celebrated pop-culture events in the United States, and like a leviathan emerging from the deep, we can’t wait come ashore to do it all again! We will play host to hundreds of diverse artists and vendors, selling comics, collectibles, art, toys, apparel, and everything in-between. We’ll also make sure you get up close and personal with some of the biggest and best names in the entertainment industry with our hand-picked selection of panels, events, and meet n’greet opportunities. A lot of places will tell you they are by the fans and for the fans, but we’re going to say it and actually mean it! We want L.A. Comic Con to be your home base. A confluence of comics, gaming, horror, anime, film, television, and that one obscure thing that you thought everyone had forgotten about; it’s all here and that’s what makes this community worth celebrating. So, join us for another weekend none of us will forget. Unique’s Founder and CEO, Chris Cook experienced heart palpitations in 2011 from consuming a well-known energy drink. In his research after this event, Chris found high correlations to these events and the ingredients most typically utilized in energy drinks: Taurine, Guarana, Niacin, and Yohimbe. Unique uses none of these infamous ingredients. Unique is in a class of its own because of the thoughtfulness in the ingredients we use and our intention of constructing an energy beverage suitable for all ages with health in mind. We are setting a new standard of sustainable, feel-good energy in the energy drink market. We believe that increased energy should not come at the expense of good health. Unique provides you with the stamina you need to accomplish your greatest tasks while endorsing your healthier lifestyle.