Opie & Anthony - Anna Nicole Smith's Death

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0:00:00 - Bill Burr is in studio when Anna Nicole Smith's death is brought up. They talk about the media co...
0:00:00 - Bill Burr is in studio when Anna Nicole Smith's death is brought up. They talk about the media coverage of it and how her life compared to Marilyn Monroe. Some callers chime in with some rumors, they play audio of Rosie O'Donnell coincidentally talking about her before she died, play audio of Anna's mother and Larry King's interview with Chyna vs wife of Trimspa CEO about Anna. There's a video of medic pumping her chest, they get a news update about the story and a listener is butthurt that they're making fun of Anna's death. (2-9-07) 1:02:06 - They guys comment on a newspaper article about Anna. Many are speculating on who the father of Anna's baby is. They joke that Howard Stern isn't the most famous "Howard Stern" now. They play audio from Howard K. Stern talking about Anna. (2-12-07) 1:13:03 - Jimmy's getting sick of the coverage of Anna. They talk about how creepy Howard K. Stern is. More potential father's are coming out. (2-13-07) 1:21:10 - Dietary supplements were shown in Anna's refrigerator and they play the 911 call. (2-14-07) 1:25:47 - A caller brings up that a judge is keeping Anna's body on ice. (2-15-07) 1:29:43 - Anna's body was finally embalmed. They make fun of shows like Entertainment Tonight covering her death and the coroner with the misshaped head. (2-20-07) 1:32:11 - They still haven't buried Anna. Her body is rotting away which gives Jimmy an idea for a movie. There's a video of Anna on mushrooms while pregnant and they play audio of the medical examiner, the judge and Howard K. Stern talking about their relationship. (2-21-07) 1:52:52 - The judge from the Anna case breaks down after trying to portray his tough guy persona. They think he's playing it up for the TV cameras. They listen to audio of Larry King talking about the DNA of Anna's baby. (2-23-07) 2:01:42 - Anna still has yet to be buried. People are fighting over where she should be laid to rest. The guys are amazed that major TV shows are still covering her story. (2-27-07)