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Studio Road TV is filmed at Benny's On The Beach overlooking the beautiful Atlantic Ocean. In this episod...
Studio Road TV is filmed at Benny's On The Beach overlooking the beautiful Atlantic Ocean. In this episode, THE CRAVENS perform “DAKOTA ROSE”. BIOGRAPHY: Three members of The Cravens have a long and twisted history together. Bill and John Storch met Ron DeSaram in 1980. Both were in ‘alternative’ rock bands, and among the very few groups in South Florida playing original New Wave/Alternative music in the early 1980s. In 1982, Ron joined Crossfire Choir while Black Box Approach changed its name to Ata-Tat and moved to the Northeast to achieve relative success. Ron joined Ata-Tat from 1985-1989. Crossfire Choir moved on to become the ‘house band’ at CBGB’s from 1993-1995) with Ron re-joining the band and Hilly Kristal managing the act. Ata-Tat, though never signed to a major label, had a handful of regional hits in New England and toured the region extensively, including multiple shows with Crossfire Choir at CBGB’s throughout the 1980s. The Storch brothers returned to Florida in 1990 and Ron moved back in 2000. Since 2000 the three future Cravens worked together on many recordings under various names, including Hillbilly Heart and The Sewing Circle Sues, which was a Crossfire Choir/Ata-Tat reunion band. The Sewing Circle Sue’s did a much promoted “World Tour” with two dates: One at CBGB’s in NY as part of their closing ceremony and the other at Respectable Street in West Palm Beach. Today’s drummer is Bill Meredith, a writer for the Palm Beach Post and friend of many years. Bass player Dennis Ambrose also played for Crossfire Choir during the 1990s CBGB's heyday. The Cravens officially formed in 2013 and the band are now regulars on the local circuit, fast building a fan base through You Tube, Facebook, ReverbNation and social media. John Storch - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar Bill Storch - Vocals, Acoustic/Electric Guitar Ron DeSaram - Lead Guitar Bill Meredith - Drums