Finding Peace in Thailand - Life Changing Trip to Koh Chang

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Filmed on Koh Chang island in Thailand. The video starts on Koh Kham which is next to Koh Mak, ranked among...
Filmed on Koh Chang island in Thailand. The video starts on Koh Kham which is next to Koh Mak, ranked among the world's top 10 secret and unknown islands. A mother and son trip that changed both of our lives. A last minute trip that ended up being the most special, enjoyable and life altering experience we've ever had. We've both been through a lot the past few years. We happened to both let go and find peace of mind at the same place and time. It goes beyond vacations, beaches and sun. It was completely unexpected and not sought after. It made for an amazing time together. I couldn't find a better travel partner and am very proud this can be my mother who is very adventurous and active. Thailand is a beautiful country with a great culture. It truly is an amazing place to visit with so much to see. The people are extremely friendly and sincere, the food is awesome and damn are the women hot! I mean wow! I can't wait to go back. I'm leaving the cold for tropical Thailand. With a motorcycle. And I intend to explore southeast Asia on motorcycle. ** I wrote this yesterday, March 20 2008, working on my web site. Hours later I received a call from my mother who was frantically crying. She has been diagnosed with a rare flesh eating disorder which is very deadly and can lead to not only death but amputation. She was infected in Thailand and it appeared through swelling in her feet the day we left. She flew back in a wheelchair. The good news is due to previous medications which may have saved her life she is expected to beat the disease and fully recover. The doctors feel she is very lucky. It is contagious and we both spent last night in different hospitals. I am not infected. This takes nothing away from our trip or Thailand and we will return soon. It just goes to show we must all be informed and careful both in our countries and abroad. The adventures will continue. More at