How do you seal Venetian plaster?

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#Venetian #plaster #contractor #Short #note with #points Venetian plaster is a finishing technique for wa...
#Venetian #plaster #contractor #Short #note with #points Venetian plaster is a finishing technique for walls that is done by applying very thin layers of plaster with a trowel. This produces a polished marble finish that creates an illusion of texture and depth. This plaster is a mix of cement, gypsum, and sand, often with ground marble. The plaster is protected with a coat of wax. A person should always use wax recommended by the manufacturer, which will ensure its durability. The steps used for applying Venetian plaster on a wall include the following: Step 1: Allow the plaster to dry Always make sure that the plaster is totally dry before applying wax on it. Step 2: Apply wax Polish the surface with a trowel and then load it with wax and apply a thin layer of it over plaster. Spread the wax with the help of trowel almost parallel to the surface. Allow it to dry. Step 3: Burnish finish You can now burnish the wax coat with a trowel and rub it on the wax against the wall. Get high gloss by rubbing it in circles. Step 4: Apply Sealant Using a roller, apply a solvent or water-based sealant on the surface and allow it to dry completely. Apply two coats of it for great results. You must wipe off the excess sealant with sponge or rag.