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The PEDOPHILE CULT that runs Hollywood is the same secret society that runs the US government shadow spy a...
The PEDOPHILE CULT that runs Hollywood is the same secret society that runs the US government shadow spy agencies. No surprise there right? When it comes to making a 100 million dollars for the establishment it's greed takes hold and will not let go even if someone wants to leave the exploitative industry. It is not just the 9-5 wage slaves that get trapped by this godless and gutless animal orgy loving closet cabal being used to uphold itself while victimizing and sucking on life blood. There are people in Holliywood that dont want to be set up as pedophiles or drug addicts to be leveraged or controlled by the owners of this industry. But we have seen what happens to those who do not play along with the program. We have seen what happens to those that try to break free of the illumitard monarch mind control. Just look at Randy Quaid, Amanda Bines, Brittney Spears, etc. All their money and fame are attacked. Even their sanity is put into question as they are set up in certain situations to get the desired outcome to destroy the credibility of their subjects. Here we have one suck case with Ashleigh Ann Wood who acting credits list "Lost", "ER", "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", "CSI Miami", etc, is be being tortured via illegal covert military grade remote directed energy weapons. Why? Because she wont convert into the casting couch industry slave whore that they want her to be. They wont let her go because she knows too much about what goes on behind the seen. So she has been drugged, gang-bang raped, stalked by government/Hollywood handlers, thrown into psychwards, robbed repeatedly, hacked non-stop. Her father which is an unwitting and uneducated cog in the machine being a psychologist is now aiding in this torture as he himself is discrediting her locking her away from the public. The Hollywood Monarch mind control program is just the same as being a Targeted Individual with the exception of more money and eyes are involved.