Dr Bharat Sangani - Health, Wealth and Wisdom investor's perspective

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What is my plan going forward but as you said we did health we did wealth and I believe we have a very good...
What is my plan going forward but as you said we did health we did wealth and I believe we have a very good relationship with the people who really matter to me so I can now show people how to create wisdom in their life so take a step back you want to learn health today you can go to medical school you can go to nursing school you can go to some clinics and they can teach you health all day long you want to learn wealth today you can go to university you can go to Harvard you can go to those courses and they show you how to make money you want to learn wisdom you can go to temple churches any religious places or any other areas where they can say how do you control your mind and how do you become happy but guess what as of today I do not know a single place which can teach all three items under one roof and that's my vision that has been my vision from a very very early young age but I want to create a physical University mind you I'm not just saying let's just go ahead and teach all this stuff on a book or this or one-on-one talking I'm really talking about creating a large physical place that people have to enroll so what is that vision well somewhere around here you're going to buy probably 100 200 300 acres of land and we are going to completely fence it and I'll tell you why people will actually be just like you going enroll at Harvard you know to actually enroll in health wealth and wisdom University and we can call it hww University but we can call anything purpose of life University whatever name they come up with now people do enroll I also believe that all these three things cannot go simultaneously it has to go in sequence so first a person shows up at the University we are going to make sure that he is healthy it is overweight over the past 25 years I've been practicing I found a method by which we can control the weight.