Dr. Bharat Sangani - Health, Wealth and Wisdom 2

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so then comes wealth as we started journey from health to world I started with next to nothing I barely kne...
so then comes wealth as we started journey from health to world I started with next to nothing I barely knew how to spell the word hotel and suddenly we had a hotel and suddenly we have a company that had 2000 employees at one time we also had multiple disciplines in in real estate and we became a midsize very well-known company in in the United States and that again proves the point that wealth can be created and having done this I think now I can take this objective thing I want to be wealthy do how to be wealthy and I can give that path again just the way I'm going to give a path for health I can show a path for world for most people and the last part is wisdom so how do we define wisdom against a very subjective world in my mind wisdom is relationship with the people who really can affect you and if you really look at it we may know thousand people we know 500 people or we may know 550 thousand people but if you really really go to the nitty-gritty of it there are only between 20 to 50 people who can really affect your happiness your husband your wife your children your parents your brothers your extended family your partner's your close friends these are the only people and if you really look at it there are not enough hours in the day to take care of more than 50 people so rest of them are our acquaintances or episodic relationship episodic relationship you do one episode of relationship it turns good or bad you close it and you go to the next one doesn't have a permanent unhappiness situation that these 50 people can do if you have a bad relationship with any of these closest 50 people that can really make your life difficult that will bring unhappiness if it brings unhappiness then again purpose of life is not served and I think over a period of time I learned how to create an environment where this 50 people that I are who are very important to me are happy with me and that brings me happiness and there are multiple ways to do.