Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Bangalore

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Contact Us : PIONEER ADVANCED HAIR TRANSPLANT CENTER Address : 2nd floor, 1004, 9th main, sector 7, HSR lay...
Contact Us : PIONEER ADVANCED HAIR TRANSPLANT CENTER Address : 2nd floor, 1004, 9th main, sector 7, HSR layout, Bangalore 560102, Karnataka, INDIA Ph: +91 9972576663 What is hair transplant? Hair loss problems are often caused due to many different reasons. Whereas the method is curable and reversible in several cases, there are instances once new hair growth refuses to grow because of permanent injury to follicles and also the scalp. These are the things once Hair Transplant involves the rescue. Hair transplantation is generally achieved by removing grafts/follicles from the rear of the top that are a lot of resistant to secretion changes, and inserting them in areas of scanty growth or depilation. There are 2 ways to remove the grafts FUT & FUE Hair Harvesting Ways for Hair Transplantation Scalp Reduction Scalp reduction is one among the earliest hair transplantation methods. Throughout this method, scalp from the hairless space is surgically removed. Most of the time, the world removed is from the crown or the highest of the top. Post removal, the scalp space that bears hair is stretched over to hide and replace the patch that has been removed. Strip Harvesting The strip technique could be a technique of getting follicular units from a donor strip that's taken from a locality of non-balding scalp at the rear or sides of the top. this can be done by removing the grafts from the strip using in operation microscopes, so movement the grafts within the bald or dilution areas. A special strip closure technique referred to as the ‘Trichophytic Closure’ is employed throughout that one wound edge is treated by causing hair to grow through a scar to form it less visible. Trichophytic Closure could be a tight technique however it's not fully effective in hiding the scars. Today though, scalp reduction or strip harvesting isn't typically used because of the a lot of advanced FUE and FUT hair transplant procedures