Grill Master University Interviews Tuffy Stone of Cool Smoke on How To Smoke Meat

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Sign up for the free Quickstart Competition Barbecue Tips Interview Series grillmasteruniversity. com/quickstart We interviewed 10 more competition barbecue teams at the Memphis in May World Championship of Barbecue Competition. Each team offers their top advice and tips for mastering your smoker. Whether you’re a backyard cook or interested in entering the competition circuit you’ll love these behind the scenes interviews. Today, we sat down with Tuffy Stone from Richmond, Virginia. You may also know Tuffy by his nickname, “The Professor,” because of his obsessions with the science of smoke and the precision at which he attacks his barbecue. Tuffy was culinary trained with French techniques at La Maisonette, but he turned to barbecue in 2004. After his first barbecue competition, he was hooked! He’s competed many times since, winning Grand Champion titles in almost every major barbecue competition, including back-to-back wins at the American Royal World Series of Barbecue. He’s won at the Kingsford Invitational and the Jack Daniel’s World Championship Invitation. Tuffy is also a judge at Destination America’s Barbecue Pitmasters and he competes at Memphis in May with his team, Cool Smoke. Sometimes, the team consists of his father, George, and Tuffy alone, but at larger competitions, they’ll have a team of eight. If you’re interested in cooking BBQ – whether it’s as the best backyard pitmaster in the neighborhood or if you want to take your skills to the next level and do some competition barbecue – Tuffy Stone recommends taking a class. This is especially helpful if you’re going into competition barbecue, because there are a lot of costs involved (the entry fees, fuels, buying the meats, etc). A BBQ class shortens the learning curve and can really help you make the most out of your investment. For backyard barbecue enthusiasts, he suggests buying a book.