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Hey everybody! I am back and better than ever. Sorry for the long wait. I was extremely busy with other thi...
Hey everybody! I am back and better than ever. Sorry for the long wait. I was extremely busy with other things and never had the time or effort to upload videos to my loyal subscribers. Well for my return video, I have a review of Dark Sector. It is a Gears of War clone. Does it live up to the hype?Dark Sector Information: The game was released on March 25, 2008 in North America, and is set to be released on March 27, 2008 in Japan and April 4, 2008 in the UK. Set in the crumbling infrastructure of a fictional Soviet-bloc country in the near future, the game features both single and multi-player action, with players working their way through a world where biological weapons are a hellish nightmare, let loose on an unsuspecting populace.The game's main character is a man named Hayden Tenno (voiced by Michael Rosenbaum of Smallville fame), a morally ambivalent clean-up man employed by the CIA. He suffers from a real-life disease called congenital analgia that does not allow him to feel pain. On a mission in a fictional former eastern bloc nation, he is exposed to a biological compound which mutates him, dramatically changing his right arm, and giving him the ability to spontaneously grow a three-bladed throwable weapon called a glaive. As explained in Game Informer Magazine, the glaive is a part of his body, can be used to generate light, and can be controlled remotely by the player.During the course of the game, Hayden encounters others that have been similarly mutated by the compound. However, the mutation process is painful to the point that its victims go mad. Hayden's congenital analgia inadvertently protects him from this aspect of the mutation.Links:Dark Sector's official website: Publisher of America's website (Publisher of Dark Sector): Extremes' website (Developer of Dark Sector): in AustraliaAustralia's Office of Film and Literature Classification (OFLC) has banned Dark sector due to high impact violence. "The finishing moves and most violent game play includes decapitation, dismemberment of limbs accompanied by large blood spurts, neck breaking spurts, neck breaking twists and exploded bodies with post-action twitching body parts. These moves are relatively easy to accomplish and once the player has mastered the moves and is able to get close to his foes, these violent moves can be executed," the OFLC's ruling said. Digital Extremes has since announced a censored version planned for Australian release. at the moment it still remains a refused classification game. Many Australians, Including the Australian Official Xbox 360 magazine are complaining that the level of violence is comparable to other titles, such as Gears of War, that are not banned.New ZealandUnlike Australia, New Zealand will be getting a totally, uncut version of the game, due to the censorship system in that country. Typically, games are released in Australia and New Zealand and have the Australian rating where it is applicable, with some titles using the New Zealand classification sticker in cases where the rating notes are somewhat different. It is not known where the uncut version will originate.