How To Choose Proper Coffee For The Proper Occasions? | Split Rock Coffee Tips

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Split Rock’s coffee buyer started his career as a chef, choosing and combining flavors to create award-winn...
Split Rock’s coffee buyer started his career as a chef, choosing and combining flavors to create award-winning dishes. Creating a great cup of coffee for all your occasions. Coffees from around the world have flavor compounds that reflect the soil structure and altitude at which they are grown, as well as the water supply, sunlight or shade, and other growing conditions. Some coffee growing regions are known for the distinct body found in the coffees they grow; other areas produce coffees with a citrus acidity, or in rarer cases, fruity overtones. The roasting process needs to also take other qualities into account. Some coffees are soft, with a less dense cell structure, and are best lightly roasted, while others are hard or dense, and dark roasting brings out the flavors in the bean. Our coffee buyer utilizes his culinary and coffee buying experience to create blends that work best at each roast level, carefully testing them to be sure that the flavors are balanced in the final cup. Split Rock coffee blends are sure to please the most discriminating palate. Our Light Roast is 100% Colombian from the Huila (Southern) region of Colombia. The lighter roast style is balanced, rich and brighter in acidity then the dark and medium roasts. This Single Origin coffee is a great example of Colombian coffee. Our Medium Roast is a traditional Breakfast Blend. This blend highlights the body of Strictly High Grown (SHG) Central American, the mild acidity of East African, and the smooth finish of the South American coffees. Medium Roast has notes of sweet chocolate with a dark cherry finish, and makes a great choice for Espresso. Our Dark Roast is reminiscent of a light French Roast. The combination of Central American and Indonesian coffee beans produces a great balance of body and acidity. The beans naturally occurring dark cocoa, and bittersweet chocolate flavors work well with cream or milk. Our decaffeinated coffee beans with the same passion as our caffeinated beans.