How to Tell If Roasted Coffee Is Good Quality?

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If you're bewildered by the array of coffee --- ranging from $1 per pound to $12 per pound --- here's one s...
If you're bewildered by the array of coffee --- ranging from $1 per pound to $12 per pound --- here's one simple trick that will help you determine if the coffee you're purchasing is high quality roasted coffee. Just put one tablespoonful of coffee on top of a glass of ice water. If your coffee stays on top of the water and does not leach into the water after a few minutes, it's been roasted properly. If it leaches, then it's either over-roasted or under-roasted. Keep reading to find out why this trick works. There are three parts to making a high-quality cup of coffee: good coffee beans, good roasting, and a good brewing system. Of these three parts, roasting might be the most important, followed closely by the bean production. The roasting process produces the characteristic flavor of coffee, by causing the green coffee beans to change and expand in flavor, smell, density, and color, using several chemical reactions. Lighter roasts will allow the bean to exhibit more of its original flavor, meaning the flavor created in the bean by its variety, soil, altitude, and weather conditions. At darker roasts, the flavor of the roast itself becomes so dominant that it is difficult to distinguish the origin of the bean. Split Rock coffee beans are carefully selected from only the finest growers in South America, Central America, Indonesia and Africa to create the perfect balance of flavors in your cup. Our master roaster has over 25 years of experience in the coffee industry, and roasts Split Rock Coffee locally for maximum freshness. Split Rock Coffee’s customer service is top-notch, and our goal is to impress you with our coffee, from its flavor and richness, to the delivery of that coffee and the genuine care you receive when you order from Split Rock Coffee.