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#Ayurvedic shampoo #best ayurvedic shampoo #Herbal shampoo #best herbal shampoo #Natural Shampoo #best natu...
#Ayurvedic shampoo #best ayurvedic shampoo #Herbal shampoo #best herbal shampoo #Natural Shampoo #best natural shampoo #Ayurvedic face wash #Natural face wash #Herbal Face wash #Foaming face wash #Ayurvedic face serum #Natural face serum #Face serum #Ayurvedic soap #Natural soap #Herbal soap #Natural Aloe Vera gel #Natural rose water #Hair serum #Virgin coconut oil For Hair #Acne treatment In Ludhiana #Natural Sunscreen #sunscreen For Face #Hair Tonic #best hair tonic What is real beauty…? If you don’t know the true source of beauty – “AUTHENTIC BEAUTY”, then you will constantly be confused by the over flooding advertisements shown by our media through glamorous and exaggerated presentations. Real beauty has been buried, entombed, confused and forgotten in our modern day climate. Excessive glamour, razzle-dazzle and airbrushing have led to serious misinterpretations of what beauty means, where it comes from, and how to achieve it. Now days, cosmetics are considered to be one of the essential commodities of life in both males & females. The cosmetics in general are external preparation and are meant to be applied to external part of the body. In other words they may be applied to skin, hair and nail for the purpose of beautification, protection or to cure the diseases of the exposed surface of the body but in return what we get is a dull, scarred, pigmented skin after prolonged use of expensive / inexpensive products made from chemical formulations. What we need to rediscover is the wisdom of beauty – the timeless, universal and absolute truth that exists in our palpable, sensual experience of beauty, which can never be found in artificial skincare regimes. But the good news is that today once again humans are getting aware for natural products, and in recent years there has been a great upsurge for the pure, natural, herbal &ayurvedic products.