Best of Gamescom 2019 – Colt Canyon – Announcement Trailer - Developer Headup Games – Publisher Retrific - E3 – GDC – Tokyo Game Show – Brazil Game Show

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Colt Canyon is a 2D pixel art shooter where you control a cowboy, or one of the many other unlockable chara...
Colt Canyon is a 2D pixel art shooter where you control a cowboy, or one of the many other unlockable characters, whose mission is to save his kidnapped partner from the ruthless bandits. Take your gun and TNT and shoot your way through a hostile canyon full of hidden treasures, weapons, obstacles and all kinds of bloodthirsty scum. Maybe you can save more people than just your partner. But watch out. Once you got your partner your job is not done. You'll also have to get back home... “People love westerns worldwide. There's something fantasy-like about an individual fighting the elements. Or even bad guys and the elements. It's a simpler time. There's no organized laws and stuff.” (Clint Eastwood) ATMOSPHERE, PROGRESSING & STORYTELLING: • Distinguished Western feel by environmental sounds, music and graphics • Focus on great gameplay and game feel, story kept simple • Roguelike progression through unlocking more characters (with varying stats and strengths) and weapons through various challenges – secrets or random encounters and by learning the games mechanics and getting to know the world’s objects and enemies. After a couple of failed runs, you will be able to read the environment more clearly and therefore be able to make decisions faster and easier, helping you to live on longer, until you finally beat the game. • Getting inspiration from games like Hotline Miami, Nuclear Throne, Enter The Gungeon, Hunt: Showdown, Red Dead Redemption and many others • Large, open levels allow for exploration and a unique atmosphere • High replayability Retrific Game Studio, founded 03/2013, is a German, one-man, independent game studio by Jonathan Mannshoven specialized on gameplay focused 2D PC games.