Gobosh Gets Bigger... Aero-TV Looks Over the G800XP

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All-Composite Speedster Equipped With 'Chute Recently, Gobosh Aviation unveiled a new addition to their pr...
All-Composite Speedster Equipped With 'Chute Recently, Gobosh Aviation unveiled a new addition to their product line, the all-composite 800XP. Sporting rakish lines similar to several other low-wing LSAs -- more on that in a minute -- the 800XP is a Czech-designed-and-built aircraft, unlike the Polish-built G700S that kicked off Gobosh's presence in the US last July. The aircraft boasts a "structural composite" design, reducing the need for underlying metal frame supports. Gobosh adds performance also benefits from a high-performance laminar-flow wing, designed specifically for the US marketplace. The 800XP was designed by brothers Mirek & Petr Kabrt, brothers who are also responsible for the design of several other Czech-sourced LSA in the US, including the TL-2000 Sting Sport. So it's no surprise to see the 800XP carries echoes of several other LSA. The 800XP also carries forth Gobosh's nomenclature system, with "XP" signifying a glass-cockpit-equipped aircraft, equipped with the GO-SAFE (Gobosh-Strategic Alternative For Emergencies) ballistic parachute system, sourced from Galaxy. (Of course, Gobosh likely wouldn't mind a bit if the plane's designation brings to mind the "other" 800XP in aviation, the one that carries the Hawker name.) A Dynon EFIS-D100 glass-panel system, sporting Garmin ancillary hardware, rounds out the avionics package. Initially, Gobosh will offer the 800XP in Elite and Elite+ configurations. Even standard Elite-equipped planes will sport Day or Night IFR capabilities (remember, sport pilot allows only Day-VFR operation) while the Elite+ planes will add to Gobosh's "luxury"-sport aircraft advertising tagline with standard leather seats, Garmin GPS-396 with XM/WX capabilities, and Bose headset jacks. Like the G700S, all 800XPs will be backed by a two-year, 400-hour warranty. Powered by the ubiquitious Rotax 912ULS, the 800XP should offer cruising speeds close to the 120-knot upper limit for LSA. Gobosh notes the basis for the 800XP, the retractable-gear VL-3, holds the European speed record for Rotax-equipped microlights. Base prices for the 800XP are $123,700 for the Elite, and $129,990 for the Elite+. Both prices are spot-inline with similarly-equipped G700S models, meaning Gobosh customers have a choice between all-metal or all-composite airframes for roughly the same money. The company does note the G700S, with its classic "six pack" of analog instruments and sturdy landing gear, is probably better suited for the training market, while the 800XP caters towards experienced private flyers. FMI: www.gobosh.aero Copyright 2008, Aero-News Network, Inc., ALL Rights Reserved.