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Революция Свиней! REVOLUTION OF PIGS! Revolution of Pigs is cult movie from Estonia. Fueled by a great soun...
Революция Свиней! REVOLUTION OF PIGS! Revolution of Pigs is cult movie from Estonia. Fueled by a great soundtrack of classic '80s pop, the revolution is brewing. Set i... More»n the summer of 1986, hundreds of teenagers have gathered in the woods for Estonian student summer camp-three days full of adventures, falling in love and partying. But, when the teens are forced to comply with rules of proper behavior, camp in a totalitarian system isn't all it's cracked up to be. The political metaphor of the counselors' control leads to an uprising of the students. The main character is 16-year-old Tanel, who initially is as focused on losing his virginity and getting drunk as overthrowing the system. But taking part in the revolt, he discovers himself. Special Jury Prize Silver St. George Moscow 26. International Film Festival MIFF - For film that could show the past but represent the future! KULKA Award for Best Motion Picture - BEST FILM OF YEAR. Film Festivals: * Moscow 26. International Film Festival /Russia Special Jury Prize Silver St. George (For film that could show the past but represent the future) * ESPOO Cine International Film Festival *International Film Festival Arsenals / Latvia Special Prize of Vienna Laboratory * Pusan International Film Festival / Korea. Programme "World Cinema" * AFI FEST 2004/ USA Competition program "World Cinema" * International Film Festival of India Competition programme * Gijon International Film Festival / Spain Official Section in competition Warsaw International Film Festival / Poland Competition program "New Films, New Directors" * Stockholm International Film Festival / Sweden Competition program "Nordic Light * ELl New York, USA * Palm Springs'i F.F/ USA * Tromsö I.F.F/ Norweig * 29. Cleveland IFF/ USA * Stockholmi IFF/ Sweden * Nashville'i IFF, USA Reviews: Revolution of Pigs Press Review LESLIE FELPERIN - Variety A bawdy summer camp movie in which the teens go on a rampage, Estonia's rousing "Revolution of Pigs" is an unlikely but surprisingly successful cross between Ivan Reitman's "Meatballs" and Lindsay Anderson's "If...." One of the few competition titles to generate international buzz at the Moscow film fest (where it won the Silver St. George special jury prize)... Sergi Sánchez - FIPRESCI Pig's Story By Sergi Sánchez Let's talk about pigs. They could be either 'Babe', the Mad Max of green prairies, or the allegorical boars in "Porcile", or, even of the same kind, the pigs that lead "The Revolution of Pigs", the magnificent debut film by Jaak Kilmi and Rene Reinumagi... ...over Duran Duran's greatest hits, behind the intimacy that tents provide shining as glow-worms in the night, a time for first loves and first drunkenness, "The Revolution of Pigs" throws several tons of rotten tomatoes in the face of the old Soviet communism, which oppressed the Baltic States. Pigs mean chaos, devouring the traces of a regime that applauded with so much enthusiasm the war of Afghanistan as much as the USA is now doing with the war in Iraq. Pigs are sniffing among the garbage. Pigs are the children of the revolution and, in this fortunate Estonian film, revolution must be by the young or not at all.... LASplash****: Film Revolution of Pigs - Review By Paul J. Kowalski This feature debut from Rene Reinumagi and co-director Jaak Kilmi blends satire and comedy with a rare historical and political perspective. "Revolution of Pigs" appeals to a range of people and ages - despite its unique and captivating Estonian roots, the film's heart remains the age-old, universal struggle of youth versus adulthood, and ultimately the will for human freedom under the stranglehold of oppression..."Revolution of the Pigs" succeeds via the universally accessible vehicle of a common humanity.... WWW.REVOLUTIONOFPIGS.COM