Samurai HaOh

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All Samurai Gattai Samurai HaOh lit. "All Samurai Combination Samurai Supreme King") is the combina...
All Samurai Gattai Samurai HaOh lit. "All Samurai Combination Samurai Supreme King") is the combination of the eleven main Origami. The Ushi Origami's gissha opens up for DaiKai ShinkenOh to stand on while the Ika Tenkuu Buster attaches to the back of what would be MouGyuuDaiOh. DaiKai ShinkenOh's arms attach to MouGyuuDaiOh and are replaced with MouGyuuDaiOh's arms with the Tora Origami's drills attached. The Kame Origami and Saru Origami attach to the axles of the gissha, the Ika Origami's legs attach to the front of DaiKaiShinkenOh and MouGyuuDaiOh's chest is placed on top and flipped it, revealing the kanji for "All" (全 Zen). The transformation finishes when the Lobster Swords attach to the Samurai Giant's helmet and MouGyuuDaiOh's cannon attaches above the helmet, prompting the Shinkengers to say "Samurai HaOh, united under providence" Due to its massive size, Samurai HaOh cannot move under its own power and instead moves along using the Ushi Origami's gissha. Samurai HaOh can attack with the Daishinken, performing the Daishinken Lord Slash and the Daishinken Big Spin Slash . It's also able to attack using DaiKaiOh's claws as an additional pair of arms. Its finishing attack, is the Mojikara Great Shot Circle The Shinkengers summon the Mojikara of their Origami, energizing the cannon atop Samurai HaOh's helmet to deliver a massive charge of energy to destroy the enemy in final blow. Shin Zen Samurai Gattai Kyoryu Samurai HaOh lit. "True All Combination Dinosaur Samurai Supreme King" is the final combination of all twelve Origami. In this form, it can use the the Twelve Origami Great Samurai Slash finishing attack, which is an almighty vertical slash energized by the Mojikara of all the Origami, including the Kyoryu Origami.