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inced Walsh twice to apologize. Minogue temporarily left the panel, but returned for the rest of the show. ...
inced Walsh twice to apologize. Minogue temporarily left the panel, but returned for the rest of the show. Later on ITV2 broadcast, Cowell once again defended Minogue's actions and called Walsh "childlike." During the first live show of the sixth series, Minogue sparked controversy after commenting on the coverage of bisexual contest contestant Danil Johnson's sexuality that caused an online backlash. Then she apologized and was accepted by Johnson. In the same series, Cowell was accused of casting pressure on Judge Cheryl Cole for casting an opposition vote against contestant Lucy Jones, who could save him. Jones was widely considered to be a better singer, but was subsequently removed from the contest by viewer voting. Dunnie Minogue later said, "This is a song race... and this shouldn't have happened." During the fifth week of the Seventh Series, Cheryl's two acts, Katie Weissel and Lake Cohen, were in the bottom two. In accordance with the rules of the competition, each judge must vote independently and eliminate one of the contestants. But Cheryl refused to vote against either, and presenter Dermot O'Leary reminded her of her duty as a judge. Cohen finally returned with a majority vote of the remaining three judges. During Series 3, Boyband Avenue said it tried to use the show for publicity after it became clear that there was already an arrangement between music show tycoon Ashley Taberking and management. He was accused of having an affair. It was also revealed that one member, Jamie Tinker, previously had a recording agreement with a branch of Sony Music Entertainment, a subsidiary of Cowell's company Syco. Despite collecting criticism, this was determined not to violate the rules of the show. The band claimed they were not cheats. During Series 4, producers discovered that Sisijarev, a member of the Girl Group Hope, was criminally convicted. Having an unused crime conviction is in violation of Shaw's rules, and Jghalef was asked to leave the race. Hope, alr