Aero-TV Asks... How Much Do You Love Your Airplane???

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A fitting subject, we think, for our annual April 1st edition of Aero-News is the feature we present today....
A fitting subject, we think, for our annual April 1st edition of Aero-News is the feature we present today. It's a story about a guy who REALLY loves his Mooney... enough to have its logo tattooed on him for life. On the opening day of AOPA Expo 2007, Mooney Aircraft Company reasserted its claim for the world's fastest piston single. "We can at last, completely and finally, put to rest any debate about what piston single-engine airplane is the fastest: It's the Mooney Acclaim, or to be more specific and precise, the new Mooney Acclaim Type S," the company said... "We've added more than a new designation to the Acclaim; we've dramatically increased its top speed. The Type S truly stands for speed: 242 knots of speed, and increased range, all with the legendary aerodynamic purity that Mooney pilots appreciate." Powered by a 280 hp Teledyne Continental Motors IO 550-G engine equipped with dual Kelly Aerospace turbochargers, the Acclaim will maintain sea level manifold pressure all the way to its service ceiling of 25,000 feet. The new Acclaim Type S will also feature a custom Hartzell propeller and design enhancements that improve airflow and minimize drag, providing an additional 10 knots over the top speed of 232 knots originally published in the aircraft's POH. But... most impressed was Acclaim owner and "Mooniac" Arthur "Arty" Dowd... who demonstrated his loyalty by getting a tattoo of the Mooney logo over his heart -- right at the Mooney exhibit on day two of AOPA Expo. So... in honor of our annual April 1st Edition and the fact that wee couldn't quite find anything stranger to make up, we decided to stick with reality and the tale of the Mooney Tattoo. FMI: www.mooney**** Copyright 2008, Aero-News Network, Inc., ALL Rights Reserved.