Great Five and Galaxy Robo

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Turbo Ranger: pronounced "Turbo Runger" carrier mecha in the shape of a gigantic sportscar that car...
Turbo Ranger: pronounced "Turbo Runger" carrier mecha in the shape of a gigantic sportscar that carries the component mecha of the Great Five, or alternately the Land Galaxy. It is armed with missiles shaped and colored like the Masky Fighter and can be piloted from the cockpit of the Masky Fighter Strange! The Dark Underground Castle or summoned remotely from its' hangar behind a waterfall. Great Five A giant robot formed from five piece components when the command Fusion! Five Cross! Built by Commander Sanjuurou Sugata, Great Five has the ability to channel the Aura power of the Maskmen for its attacks. Weapons Five Shield, Gyro Cutter, Great Gun and Photo Electron Riser Sword to finish monsters Final Aura Burst. Land Galaxy: A large tractor-trailer for the Maskman, piloted by the entire group. blaster cannons which become Galaxy robo's hand blasters/Galaxy Cannon as well as the Land Missiles. Both the blasters and the Land Missile launcher can be deployed from panels in the side of the trailer section. He can be transported by the Turbo Ranger in lieu of Great Five components and it is stored in the "bonnet/hood". Galaxy Robo Maskman's second robot which transforms from the Land Galaxy When the command "Galaxy Change!" given, the Land Galaxy's cabin becomes the chest, the tractor wheel sections become the arms (with the headlights as the flat side of each hand), and the trailer becomes the lower legs (sliding back to reveal the upper legs while the top side forms the front of the legs). He is piloted by all five Maskman. Weapons Spartan Dash, Galaxy Anchor, Double Vulcan, Galaxy Arrow, Galaxy Blasters can form Galaxy Bazooka, Galaxy Drill (Not Used). Finisher - Iron Fist Aura an energized karate chop. To perform the finisher, Galaxy Robo must first use the Aura Road Spark where a road is formed from Aura power which the Land Galaxy travels on, causing him to gather power before converting back into robot mode for the finisher.