Ever Failed. Try Again. Fail Better. Coz When You Fail, You Learn. | Inspiring Story by Greg Shepard

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#Designhill presents the series ‘Founder X’ in which we are talking about the success stories of founders, ...
#Designhill presents the series ‘Founder X’ in which we are talking about the success stories of founders, their life, and business struggles. In this video, we’ve shared the inspirational story of a #founder who’s also a TED Speaker, Author & Angel Venture Capital Investor - Greg Shepard. #GregShepard is the CEO and founder of BOSS Capital Partners. He is a Serial #Entrepreneur, #Author, #Speaker and Angel Venture Capital #Investor with a legacy of building and running sustainable growth businesses. He has won: Tech Deal of the Year Over $250 million, Private Equity Deal of the Year Over $500 million to $1 billion and Cross Border Deal of the Year Over $500 million to $1 billion to name a few. Most recently, with #Forbes, Greg has launched a new show on Forbes Radio. In addition, he is authoring a book with Forbes Publishing, set to be released late 2020. In this inspirational video, he has shared about his entrepreneurial journey, struggles and how he overcame them. Watch the video and share your views in the comment section. Timestamps: 03:38 What inspired you to become an entrepreneur? 04:56 What is your business all about? And what problems does it solve? 06:19 What challenges did you face when starting your entrepreneurial journey? And how did you overcome them? 09:07 What does being an entrepreneur mean to you? How is it different from any previous role? 10:44 What bothers you as an entrepreneur, difficulties you face & your worst fears? 11:59 Name one business hack or trick that really helped you in your business and you would like to share with other fellow entrepreneurs? 13:34 Any mistakes that you made during your entrepreneurial journey and you want other aspiring entrepreneurs to avoid making? 14:54 What would you like to tell people who have great ideas and want to start a business but are reluctant to bring their ideas into reality? 15:59 What advice do you have to give to people who think their business isn’t market-ready and what can the