Cannabis Future is Legality. It’s Regulation. There is No Next Big Thing. | Javier Hasse | Founder X

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Great companies start when founders want to change the world, not make a fast buck. Even in the controversi...
Great companies start when founders want to change the world, not make a fast buck. Even in the controversial industry like #cannabis, constructing a brand name under an accountable founder takes a lot to stand out in any market place. To honor such brand creators, #Designhill presents the series ‘Founder X’ in which we are talking about the success stories of founders, their life, and business struggles. In this video, we have shared the journey of a cannabis entrepreneur, book author and reporter hailing from Argentina, Javier Hasse. Timestamps of this video: 00:36 Know #JavierHasse 01:16 Tell us about your entrepreneurial journey (What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?) And where are you presently? 05:19 What’s your mission as a cannabis content creator and #entrepreneur? 06:35 When you decided to be part of the #cannabisindustry? 08:05 What is the future of the cannabis industry? 10:25 What #challenges did you face when starting your entrepreneurial journey? And how did you overcome them? 12:06 What advice do you have to give to people who want to be founders and think their business isn’t market-ready and what can they do to take that leap into entrepreneurship? 14:14 What does failure or breakdown look like as a #cannabisentrepreneur? 15:38 What would you like to tell people who have great ideas and want to start a business but are reluctant to bring their ideas into reality? 18:16 How important do you think is branding and professional design for a #business? About Javier Hasse: Javier Hasse is cannabis, hemp, CBD and psychedelics-focused reporter, currently serving as Managing Director for Benzinga Cannabis, and CEO of Spanish language news site El Planteo, a company he co-founded. As an award-winning reporter and editor, Javier's had roughly 5,000 unique articles published across numerous mass media outlets including CNN, Forbes, MSN, Chicago Tribune, CNBC, Yahoo Finance, Entrepreneur Magazine, MarketWatch, Houston Chronicle, The Street, Nasda