Better ways to make sabudana papad by MymomsPride | కరకరలాడే సగ్గుబియ్యం అప్పడాలు చేద్దామా

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Enjoy this delicious, light, crunchy fryums either with a meal or eat as a snack by solving the following r...
Enjoy this delicious, light, crunchy fryums either with a meal or eat as a snack by solving the following riddle : "I come in many shapes, sizes and colours. I stick to many surfaces, but I'm not sticky at all!!! " who am I? and by watching the video Did you ever try these MyMoMsPride quick recipes that are famous in every Indian cuisine? As the name indicates these sabudhana papads are made with the primary ingredient sabudana also known as tapioca pearls. They are other names too in Tamil these fryums are called as javvarisi vadam otherwise in kannada it is known as sabakki sandige, if you go to telugu speaking states these sago papads are known as saggubiyyam vadiyalu. By whatever name you call it, these, easy and healthy Indian recipes are a unique combination that has crispiness inside and flavoured outside with all of your chosen ingredients by having a delightful experience. Tips to make these traditional Indian food recipes with the desired texture as you get it in restaurants / in supermarkets Let the saggubiyyam cook completely, after it cooks down the mixture get the texture of porridge -soft, tender, translucent and thickens. Adjust the consistency as required If you leave in colder regions, you can sundry them for a few more days and store them in an airtight container for a year and beyond. You can add sesame seeds, jeera (cumin) and green chilli paste as per your requirement, we added only 1/2 tsp of salt for the colour. At last, in Indian festivals/ special events like marriage / house warming ceremony etc is incomplete when you don't have appadalu/ vadiyams so enjoy this video and know the better way to prepare quick and easy recipes along with roti/poori, rice, dal, veg curry, sambar, curd. Let me tell you one thing, Though sago papads are easily available in markets, we can enjoy making this sabudhana appadalu by adding multiple herbs and spices according to your taste