Need For Speed The Run, get out of Las Vegas, BMW M5

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Help me build my dream Mitsubishi Eclipse, Become a Patreon! Hi, do you want to relax from a long day's w...
Help me build my dream Mitsubishi Eclipse, Become a Patreon! Hi, do you want to relax from a long day's work, or get your mind completely on something else? I recommend if you will Need For Speed the Run! Someones have complaints because that game is too easy to play, because basically here you hit the full gas, and you all are set. Here you will not use the brakes more often, but hey I think, maybe that is all the purpose for this game. You just flay fast and relax by watching the beautiful road passing by. Vell half relax anyway because here speeds are wild. Some racers are complaining about the story of the Run, but hey, where you find a similar game like this? It is original it is fast, it's beautiful it's fun. I remember when this game was announced it was a big deal because the first time the driver can get out of the car, but anyway is not your decision. But is the start, NFS still until this day not released version where you can get out from the car and you can walk away whatever you can't. It will be a fun experience. Ok, I'm none boring you out, time to watch some action. I'm Sharing one of the races here I have to get out from Las Vegas. If You never played The run, I will strongly recommend it Subscribe if You Need For Speed, and like Racing Games, let's be fast and furious here! Help me build my dream Fast and Furious Mitsubishi Eclipse, Become a Patreon! You can in any way help me reach this goal, make my car the epic like Fast and Furious I will be very grateful. Just a small donation will be awesome, or just like and subscribe to my channel. I'll post the info on the way, how I building this car, and post photos and videos on the way. Your support means a lot, Let's keep Paul's spirit alive! Not a bad way to spend 10 000 dollars Goal to Reach 10 000 dollars Earned 16 dollars (as the bitcoin price goes up) 9 984 to remain Thanks for all Your Help! Subscribe!