Prophet Mohamed Varied Teachings-2

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VARIED PROPHET HADITHS --PART 2: once a funeral passed so prophet friends spoke ill of it ,then another pas...
VARIED PROPHET HADITHS --PART 2: once a funeral passed so prophet friends spoke ill of it ,then another passed but they spoke well of it, then the prophet said the first will be in hell while the second will be in paradise as u r Allah witnesses on earth. Let what make u doubt as truth s reassurance but lies r doubt. No one will be in paradise thanks 2 his own deeds. If u read surat el ekhlas 10 times or pray 12 bows(rakaas)voluntarily or leave lies even joking will have a palace in the paradise. purity s half of belief ,subhanallah fills the scale, subhanallah and thanks2allah fills in between the sky and earth,prayer s light(nour),charity s proof, patience s light(diaa).the throne of alrahman (merciful allah)shakes if man has sex with man. those who walk 2 mosques with no aim other than praying will have the same agr(reward) as the pilgrim . The most liked deeds by Allah r praying on time then parents obedience then jihad 4 Allah sake. Every care and tiredness a man feels even the thorn that pricks him s expitation2his sins so if Allah likes a person ,he puts him into a misfortune. Those who wanna be happy with their papers on judgment day should ask Allah 2 cover their sins from 70-100 times or more daily. Never flatter me like what happened with Jesus but say Allah slave and messenger. nothing s better on al adha feast than sacrificing as Allah covers your sins with the first drop of the slaughtered animal, feast days r days of eating, drinking and mentioning Allah. Toothbrush leads2 mouth purity, Allah satisfaction and devil anger.Dont ask by Allah face except paradise. Allah accepts your repentance as long as u r not dying and the sun did not rise from the west. praying al fagr (first prayer) in mosque then waiting till sunrise mentioning Allah then praying 2 bows(rakaas) of sunrise(doha)make u have the same agr(reward) as the pilgrimage. .Saying thanks 2 Allah who fed me this food without any power from me cover all your sins. Envy eats away sins the same as the fire when it eats fire wood ,charity puts out sin like the water when it puts out fire. What bring curses r changing earth borders, bribe taking and giving, wig hair wearing, putting tattoos, changing body shapes by changing your eyebrows or teeth shape and imitating the other sex and excreting in shade ,roads and resources. Ablution then sleeping makes angels ask Allah 2 cover your sins till u walk up, the honest merchant will be with prophets and martyrs. those who believe in Allah and judgment day should honor their guests ,treat their neighbors well and say good words or shut up. The most tortured people on judgment day r the creatures' drawers. All the muslin nation s forgiven except the declarers of their sins. What delete sins s ablution, walking alot 2 mosques and waiting 4 prayers . Deeds by intentions and fins. Man may utter the good word without caring but it provides him with Allah satisfaction till meeting him and he may talk with the word that angers Allah without caring but it makes him fall deep in hell. in hadith kodsi (by Allah)take out of hell those who mentioned me one day or feared me in a position. Days will come when other nations will continue harming Muslims as Muslims large number will be as weak as mud. Those who guide people2 good will have the same reward as their followers but those who tell others2do sins will have the same torture as their followers. Allah raises the modest. Exploit health, youth, life and spare time before they r over. No pessimism in Islam. begging without need means collecting hellish stones and removing your face skin.never seek rule .hoarders r cursed.