"Phantasmagoria" Read by My Friend in the Marshall Islands

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"Phantasmagoria" by Dave Hart I You gaze silently and stare squinting through your ...
"Phantasmagoria" by Dave Hart I You gaze silently and stare squinting through your stained glass panes. Now pulling aside sapphire drapes of flowing somber samite Replete with glowing organdy You gaze out. Lo, a lazy mesmerized quixotic moon-- blithely blows kisses, wryly winks and coyly smiles. Yea, a light seesaw of a day of ecstasy and spritely delight-- now wanes to a quiet evening tune. II Transfixed you muse --attent through moist window panes. And now enter the past pains through a flowing Rorschach panorama of fluid specters-- a pentimento painting of myriad serpentine days metamorphosing into mellifluous mellowing nights. Now mirthful, this moon merrily mills reticent clouds in a star clustered plight. The meeting with Morpheus... --wondering of his mood-- cheery and cherry, one hopes. III In the soft security of your pliant bed-- a weary cheek cradled in thoughts of this day now blithely tread-- a voice and vision from the past-- "night night nighty nite sleep tight". IV Dreaming.. in a dream Floating in the night skyscape . . a phantasmagoria of sensual sights and sounds. . riding in a catamaran of gilded silk. . over the still quiet town. There's the tailor's shop, the market place, and the gurgling fountains of the park. On to other lands afar. . the Taj Mahal. . the Great Wall of China the winged maneuvers of a lark V Dreaming . . . reeling red and yellow sea horses laugh and dance while you roar over tree tops . . . mermaids now samba agog with cheshire cats to the music of Sergei Rachmaninoff . shooting stars of blue purple catching bolts of lightening VI Dearest one awake now and stir . . . To scents of frankincense and myrrh . . voices of the past. Long lingering in your cozy warm bed . . with thoughts tantalizing in your graceful head . . Birds twitter and herald yon day's new light . . . a new morn sun yields cascading delight. David Hart 2006